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Access Free Lecture videos embedded from best providers on the internet.

Test Yourself and Question Bank

Have an array of question banks at your disposal or test yourself using Custom Test Generator.

Ebooks and Audio Books

Read or listen to our online Ebooks and Audio books..

Tablet and Mobile Application

Access learning on the go on your devices now.

A Total Learning solution

Books have been the focal point of education and even in the age of technology they remain to do so. Smart Learning supports books so the child can make the most of them in a true 21st Century way.

Curriculum Content Free

Course is available free if the book is part of the student's school curriculum.

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Buy a course that includes 6 sub subjects at discounted rates.

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Subscribe only to courses you need that inludes one book .

Get Learning Analysis

Premium Segment includes graphical analysis and Statistical data for the student.

  • Quiz Result Analysis

  • User Session Data

  • Statewise Comparison

Tablet/Mobile Application

Learning On the go now comes in the form of Mobile and Tablet Applications. Download the app for a demo.

Our pack has all the familiar titles that you showed so much love to

ICT Connect and other Computer books

Computer Resources that are more than just lecture videos and Question Banks.

ICT Connect Computer Exercise Book Information Technology
Kasturi and other Hindi Readers

You know what we are going to brag about. I mean, Kasturi has been awarded for Best Production 2019 by FIP.

Kasturi Bhasha Vandana Saral Hindi
Pathfinder Social Studies and More

Social Science, in our opinion is the most interesting subject.

Pathfinder Social Studies Primary Social Studies Environmental Studies
Open SKies and Other English books

Open Skies is our most popular English Reader, but not the only one.

Pathfinder Social Studies Primary Social Studies
Our Green Planet and Other ICSE Titles

Yep, we have ICSE titles as well, and quite a few of them.

Our Green Planet Everything Science Steps to Mathematics Steps to Social Studies
Pathfinder and Other Social Titles

Social Studies has been our most popular title for a while now.

Our Green Planet Everything Science Steps to Mathematics Steps to Social Studies